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Motorcyle & All Terrain Vehicle Insurance

Remember… fun and peace of mind go hand in hand. Let Tingley Insurance help protect you and your cycle

You’re considering buying an ATV or Motorcycle but the last thing you want to think about is whether you need ATV insurance for it. Is it really necessary? After all, the reason for buying a 4-wheel ATV is to have a blast riding it off-road and feeling the rush of exploring the great outdoors. ATV & Motorcycle insurance can save you money and protect you in ways you probably never considered:
It covers your ATV & Motorcycle
  •  New ATVs and Motorcyles cost you thousands of dollars. Imagine if you roll it by getting in an accident or it gets stolen. Without insurance, you’re out thousands of dollars. With insurance, you’re new ATV or motorcycle gets replaced or repaired and you’re back to riding!
It covers bodily injury
  • With an ATV or motorcycle policy, any injuries you sustain while driving is covered. Injuries from these type of vehicles are common and usually occur when you least expect them. Medical costs keep rising and could break you financially.
It covers property damage
  • This insurance covers you incase you accidentally damage someones property while driving your atv or motorcycle. Whether it be another ATV, Motorcycle, fence, car, flower bed, etc. Whatever it is, it’s covered!
It covers liability
  • This covers any damage that you accidentally do to other people while riding your ATV or motorcycle. If you injure someone else, this will cover their medical bills and any other costs they incur as a result to their injury. They may also request an amount got pain and suffering and lost wages With this insurance, you’re covered!
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